Don't Stress Over Familytime!

Will you please do me a favor?

Thanksgiving has always been my all time favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness without the pressures that other holidays may bring.  Families come together to share thanks and, what I like to call, the best meal of the year.  No matter how far away, or how long it's been since you last seen or spoke to each other, you pick up where you left off.

Growing up, and into my young adulthood, I knew that every Thanksgiving at 5:00 pm, my family would be at my maternal grandparents house for dinner.  My grandmother would be busy in the kitchen making sure that everything was just right, and of course it always would be.  She made the best dressing that I've ever put in my mouth, and would bake a small pan on the side for me to take home.  I always ate it cold for breakfast the next day.  It was that good!

I'm not painting the perfect "Norman Rockwell" picture because we didn't always get along.  But we got along that…
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